Welcome to BVE Klub’s website! Our team was founded by Hungarian BVE developers in the summer of 2006. Members of our team by forum nicknames:

  • Bubu
  • bvemetro
  • Csukló
  • Desiro16
  • IST
  • KA
  • KFMboy
  • krisz
  • Phonteus Nevolius
  • pre-zli
  • Silenth Night
  • UVmániás
  • Alex
  • Stigi
  • Barthez
  • Zaigron
  • tibi-train
  • Bzmot332
  • maztro
  • HLJ

One of our most significant goals is informing BVE users, publishing tutorials and documentation, creating a database of informatian in reference to BVE Trainsim. Our plans include publishing documents concerning playing BVE and assisting with route building and creating scenery objects. From time to time our website will be updated, also including news as early as possible.

As part of our plans, we would like to create an object database with freely downloadable Hungarian object files, hopefully including a picture and important information about the object.

We consider our forum as a useful ground to discuss upcoming questions and talk about new routes and trains.

As a future goal, we intend to build a fictional, Hungarian-type railway network driveable in all directions which would feature several means of rail-based transport. You can find out more about this in our forum in the future. At this time we are in the planning phase.

Please note, that our team works on BVE development as a hobby. Besides it, we all work, study, and spend time with our families. Even so, we try to answer all your questions in a timely manner.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy BVE.

BVE Klub

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