The latest openBVE on Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 was released a few days ago with its new desktop interface, Unity. We tested how well openBVE works on it and the result is just great, openBVE works flawlessly. As probably all openBVE users on Ubuntu know openBVE is available from the Software Centre. However, as usual it’s an outdated version. It is thus a good idea to use the latest version. To do so, take the following steps.

  • first, install openBVE from the Software Center to get all the dependencies
  • create a folder in your directory for openBVE, practically /home/username/openBVE
  • download the latest openBVE from the official website and extract it to the openBVE folder
  • download Tao from the openBVE website and extract it to the openBVE folder
  • start openBVE in one of these two ways
    • hit ALT + F2 and type mono openBVE/OpenBve.exe to run the program.
      You have to type this only once, later it will be available in the Unity command area
    • alternatively you can create a launcher icon by right clicking on your desktop and drag it to the Unity Launcher. In this case type mono openBVE/OpenBve.exe in the command field

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