Developer’s documentation on BVE Klub

The community is right now waiting to see what the next step for OpenBVE’s further development will be. is gone and there seem to be two websites that offer OpenBVE now.

Both sites offer the developer’s documentation too, but not directly. Odakyufan has packaged it into a zip file and posted it to Mediafire, links to a wiki. Neither of these ways seem to be as comfortable as the original setup when the documentation was available as a set of simple web pages.

Therefore we have decided to place the developer’s documentation on BVE Klub in a similar manner as Michelle did it. You can access it from the English menu box on the right or from the link below. The large OpenBVE icon at the top of the page will now link you back to

As the developer tools and the example route and train have been also part of the developer’s documentation pages, we also distribute them.

A hozzászólások jelenleg ezen a részen nincs engedélyezve.